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Personal Trainer

I started personal training in 2015 at a local gym. It was during this time that I decided I wanted to pursue training and fitness as a career. At the time I was enrolled at UW-Whitewater, so I changed my major from Education to Human Health and Performance with a minor in Strength and Conditioning.


I decided to start training independently, and opened my business in June of 2017. I finished my degree in 2018, and began working on other aspects of my business. I currently hold certifications in Strength and Conditioning through the NSCA (CSCS), Personal Training through ACE (CPT), and Powerlifting through the USAPL. In 2018 I also started my high school powerlifting team at Lake Mills High, where we saw great success in our first year, and doubled the amount of competitors from our first to our second year. My passion and agenda as a business owner and trainer is to break the mold of fitness being synonymous with weight loss, and help people find enjoyment in strength training and realize the excitement in being stronger than you were. 

Max Soucy Owner of The Ranch Training Center


Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist Assistant

I have always been very interested in science, and furthermore became fascinated by all the human body is comprised and capable of during my anatomy and physiology class in high school. Around that same time, I became much more interested in sports and lifting weights as well. I then attended UW-Madison from 2011 to 2015, where I received my B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise and Movement Science. After that, I decided I wanted to work as a personal trainer and was hired on by Anytime Fitness in Madison. A year later I was transferred to the Lake Mills location, where my path crossed with Max.


I worked with this company for another year before I started my next adventure: pursuing a degree to become a physical therapist assistant through Madison College. After another grueling two years of countless exams, long nights spent studying, 600 hours of clinical rotations, and a national boards exam, I finished the program and am now a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. All throughout this time, I continued to work with personal training clients at The Ranch and have loved seeing how my two passions have blended. My goal is to help clients work through any injury/issue that's holding them back from becoming their strongest, most confident selfs! 

Personal Trainer

I am very excited to be personal training at The Ranch, and to make it the place to be for you to achieve your personal fitness goals. I have been training for 6 years and training competitively for the last 4.


I have competed in 8 total powerlifting meets which lead me to a high school state championship and runner-up for a state championship. I have coached and handled people through their first powerlifting meet along with people who have more experience under the bar than I have, but no matter what experience or goals people have in mind I love to help achieve their goals in the most efficient and safest way.

I am currently pursuing my ATC (NCCA) certification and afterwards I will be looking to be certified in other aspects of fitness. Since it is a field of study that is always improving, my goal is to maximize the potential for everyone to be able to reach their specific training and personal goals.


My goal as a personal trainer at The Ranch would be to bring more attention to the supportive and motivating environment that The Ranch already has, all while passing on the best training knowledge that can be offered.

Nick Certified Personal Trainer at The Ranch
Mara Martin Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant


Personal Motivator, 
Gym Mascot

Hello! My name is Arya, and you might see me around the club asking if anyone has any treats (cheese is my favorite, in case you were wondering).  I began my fitness journey in 2019, when I was adopted by my parents. Before then, I hadn’t really left my crate to explore different types of exercise. 

Since then, I have learned that my favorite exercises are running, wrestling, and tug of war. My hobbies include hunting, exploring nature, and playing with my cousins Nika and Yukon. Things I don’t love are loud, unexpected noises, big box trucks, and when people touch my paws. I was hired to be a motivational tool for training clients (I may also howl at you to move a little faster, but it comes from a good place!). I’m always around to cheer you on throughout the stages of your goals! 

Arya, the Gym Dog, Wolf of Gains Street a Malamute
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