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Hi! My name is Max Soucy, and I founded the Ranch Personal Training in June of 2017. I started my business because I have this BURNING passion for fitness that needed its own expression. I always knew I had to own my own gym eventually, and in 2017 I was presented with the opportunity by a couple of clients to start real small at the Ranch’s first location in the countryside of Waterloo. I decided I would quit my job and jump head first into entrepreneurship. It was literally 375 square feet of actual space, plus another 150 square of garage space.  Now, fast forward 6 years, and we are The Ranch Training Center, a 24/7 gym with hundreds of active memberships, and passionate as ever to provide the best experience for our patrons. We also went from sole ownership, to a family business once Mara and I got married. It is no longer "I", but "we".

Our passion has always been strength training, and our gym accommodations would reflect this. We have truly top tier equipment for the strength athlete. Most of our gym is outfitted with Rogue free weights, which is an American made brand that stands behind their quality, and is a lead sponsor of most strength sports, like CrossFit, Strongman, olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting worldwide. This is not to say we ONLY do strength, though. We also have top of the line Matrix cardio equipment and Cybex strength machines, as well. We really want to accommodate everyone.

We are on a quest to create the best gym environment, with the best management, with the best equipment, and we would love to meet you and show you our passion project. If you want to be stronger than ever, with a confidence in yourself that only can be attained by challenging your physical abilities, then you’ve found the right place. 

Customized Texas Strength Systems Combo Powerlifting Rack
Powerlifting Den, Rogue Rhino Belt Squat, TSS Combo Racks
Rogue Monster Lite Rig Power Rack
Rogue Ohio Power Bar Barbell Cap
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