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Coming Soon to Marshall, The Ranch Training Center

Updated: Sep 22, 2023


We will be taking progress pictures along the way, so check back in regularly to see how things are coming along! The pictures start with 2 weekends ago at the time of writing this, when we emptied Ranch 1.0 and transferred it all to Ranch 2.0 /The Ranch Training Center. We are able to continue training in the "studio" of the building, and plan on doing all of the work to the main part of the gym first. Then, we will take down the walls of the studio and open the whole place up as much as possible once the rest of the gym has been finished!

We are adding one shower to each bathroom which we will also do a face lift on. We are adding an office and using the glass door to the studio as the office door, and then we are opening up the wall to studio as much as possible. We will also take down the two walls that were used to house a tanning bed, and putting in all LED light fixtures, changing the flooring, and fixing up the walls and paint. We plan on sticking with The Ranch theme from Ranch 1.0 (big thanks to Steve and Kelly for allowing us to get started there!) and have all sorts of cool decoration ideas.

This weekend we should be able to start work on framing in the bathrooms since the plumbing inspection underground passed. We may start roughing in the office, as well as patching the drywall, which is in serious need of repair. We will be getting our lights installed Friday, which I am extremely excited for. The lights and the bathrooms are the two things I am most excited for. Both will improve the feeling of the gym dramatically!

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