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Strength In Numbers Schedule: February 2022

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue.

Get to the Gym,

And do it for You!

Nothing creative to say this month, clearly! So we'll keep it simple. Here's your February Strength In Numbers class schedule:

What to expect during our SIN group workout classes:

-COST: $12 drop-in rate. We also offer 3 package options: 10 classes for $110, 20 for $200, and 30 for $270

-You do NOT need to be a gym member to attend. Just give us a heads up if you want to try a class out, so we know to expect you!

-CLASS TYPE: Expect a lot of strength training with a good mix of cardio/HIIT training

-All fitness levels are welcome! We'll be sure to modify any exercise for you as needed.

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